As the Turkish Teaching Unit of Istanbul Atlas University, we have started to serve since 2020 with our well-equipped staff.

Our Mission; In line with the principle of "human first" in life and "student first" in education, we ensure that all our students learn and use Turkish effectively and competently, regardless of which language and culture they belong to, with our high-level program contents in every aspect.

Our vision; quality-oriented education in a short time without compromising our contemporary understanding has come into one of Turkey's most successful Turkish educational centers.


Within the scope of Turkish Teaching Course, programs for different levels are prepared many times throughout the year.

Our course; It is organized on the basis of a total of five levels: A1 and A2 (basic level), B1 and B2 (intermediate level) and C1 (advanced level), which are determined within the scope of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Within the scope of our course, a curriculum is applied to develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, which are the four pillars of language acquisition. All students participating in the course will be able to certify the competencies of the level they have completed with the certificate they will receive from our unit. Our certificate is recognized by YÖK.

To be instantly informed about our year-round course programs is It will be sufficient to send a short e-mail with your request to the address.


* To apply for the course You need to click on the address, continue with the "Rector's Office" option from the "Faculty" tab and fill out the form that appears by proceeding with the "Language Teaching Application and Research Center".

* An online Turkish placement test (DBS) is held to determine whether the applicant has the language skills required by the institution applied for.

* According to the result of the exam, the student who is considered to have mastered the language skills required by the course is entitled to start the course officially. The student fulfills the necessary procedure by contacting the International Office at least three days before the start date of the course.

* It is recommended that students whose language skills are at a lower level register for the course to be opened as soon as possible and necessary information is provided accordingly.

* In case of withdrawal from the course after the application form has been filled in at least one week before the start date of the course is Information should be given to the address by e-mail.

* For each level, our classes are opened with the number of students determined by the Rectorate.

* Each course lasts at least 6 weeks.

* There is an obligation to attend the course. The student who is absent more than 15% is deregistered and the situation is reported to the Immigration Administration.

* “New Istanbul - Turkish Textbook for International Students” will be used in Turkish lessons for international students.

* It may be possible to be included in a program that has started in the second week at the latest. For the flow and organization of the course, students are not accepted for other weeks.

* Students who have made a final registration for the course must pay the entire fee specified in the program, even if they do not attend the course.

* Trainees are subjected to a level completion exam at the end of the specified training period. The student who gets at least 60 points or more in this exam is considered successful and is entitled to participate in the next draw.

* Students who cannot attend the level completion exam by stating an excuse will be given a make-up exam for one time only.

* At the end of the course, all participants who are successful in the exam will be given a certificate. Our certificates are recognized by YÖK.

* The student who receives his certificate as a result of B2 training in our course is ready to enroll in the departments of our University in the new season.

* Students who will attend the course can stay in our dormitories that have an agreement with our University.

* For your questions about the course is You can send an e-mail to.

Application Procedures

– Before applying, be sure to read the explanations about our course.

- It is enough to fill the application form opened for application.

- In the application form, you are especially requested to enter your contact information correctly. In cases such as cancellation or postponement of the course, you will be contacted via your contact information on the application form.

- Since the classes will be opened or not is determined depending on the application form, if you do not intend to participate in the course, but if you want to get information about the course, please do not fill in the form.

– If you refuse to attend the course after the application stage, please contact the International Office and inform us.

Registration procedures

Registration is done at least three days before the start date of the course. The documents required for this process are:

  1. Registration form
  2. Photocopy of the passaport
  3. 1 biometric photos
  4. Receipt of the payment of the course fee (Fees must be deposited to the IBAN number given below after the course is finalized.)

* Students who do not have a passport are definitely not enrolled.

Bank and Payment Information

You can use the following methods when paying for Istanbul Atlas University Language Teaching Application and Research Center trainings:

1. Payment via Bank

İstanbul Atlas ÜniversitesiT.C. İş Bankası A.Ş.KocamustafapaşaTR390006400000111050903806ISBKTRISXXX

2. Online Payment the address, Payment can be made online by credit card, by specifying the “Name-Surname” and “TC Identity Number/Passport No” information in the explanation section.

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