1. A copy of High School Diploma (Required)

2. A copy of High School Diploma Transcripts (Required)

3. A copy of passport or original (required)

4. Current exam result (SAT, ACT, ASL, International Baccalaureate (IB), AYÖS, ABİTUR, KONKUR, TQDK...)

Applications are free of charge and can only be accepted through the online application system with the link below.

The document evaluation process can take up to five (5) business days.


After successfully submitting your application, the system will send you an APPLICATION TRACKING CODE with the link via e-mail. After you enter your application tracking code in the APPLICATION CODE SECTION, you can access details about your application status.

Following are the steps after the Pre-Application has been made:


Track With Pin Code

Once your application is complete, a PIN Code will be sent to your e-mail address. You can track your application status with this code.




After your preliminary application is evaluated and approved, you need to pay a deposit of 5,000 USD for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (Turkish/English) programs and 1000 USD for other undergraduate and associate degree programs.

Even though the deposit is paid, if the registration is not made within the specified time or the registration conditions are not met, the deposit fee will not be refunded as it will be considered a transaction fee.


Upload Your Receipt

When you make your prepayment, please upload your receipt to the system or send it to, your letter of acceptance will be uploaded to the system within 3 to 5 working days.


Apply for A Student Visa

Once you receive your acceptance letter after paying the deposit, you should apply for a student visa to the nearest Turkish Embassy or the Consulate from the link below.


According to the international and bilateral agreements between Turkey and other countries, there are many visa and entry options for international students. International students can enter Turkey with or without a visa, according to their nationality and the bilateral agreement between this two countries. Once you have an idea of how you will come to Turkey and which entry method is most suitable for you, you can apply for your visa.

Please check the eligibility of your country of origin regarding the E-Visa application process and/or apply by clicking on the link .

Students who come to Turkey from visa-exempt countries do not have to apply to the Turkish Consulate for a student visa. You will be able to enter the country only with a passport with a validity period longer than your stay in Turkey.

For more detailed information, we direct you to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, where you can view country-specific information:

For further more detailed information, you can contact us at


Final Registration Process

When you receive your letter of acceptance, you must complete your final enrollment within the time frame specified there. Otherwise, your enrollment will be returned to another student.


All international candidate students who have the right to enroll in the university must come to our university in person before the acamemic year starts, together with the required documents for registration. For your official registration, the originals and a photocopy of the following documents must be brought to the International Office at the first floor;

1. High school diploma and its notarized Turkish or English translation (compulsory)

2. Original high school transcript (notarized translation of the transcript into Turkish or English) (compulsory).

3. Equivalency Certificate from the Directorate of National Education (Equivalence is the document proving that your diploma has been recognized by the Turkish State as equivalent to the Turkish High School Diploma. This document can be obtained from the Turkish Consulate abroad or the Turkish Embassy, or from the Istanbul Provincial General Directorate of National Education or e-equivalence system.) (required).

4. Page showing identification information in passport(required).

5. Student visa or residence document card (required).

6. Copy of the final Acceptance Letter (required).

7. Biometric Photograph (2 pieces) (required).

Language Requirement

English Language Proficiency Exam: TOEFL IBT min 75, PTE min 55, CAE B Level, CPE C Level, Atlas Proficiency Exam 70/100 (will be held online and face-to-face).

Students whose official language is English, as well as the language of high school education, will be exempted from preparation and language proficiency under the control of our Department of Foreign Languages.


All international students are required to apply for a residence permit from the nearest local authorities within one month from the date of their arrival in Turkey and register at the university to obtain a Residence Permit Card within 90 days. All students are required to make an online appointment from the website of the General Directorate of Migration Management of Turkey as follows;

Students are required to bring the following documents ready to the International Relations Office.

1. Online application form E-residence

2. A valid health insurance policy covering at least one year

3. Copy of passport with identity information, visa page, and entry stamp on it

4. Biometric photographs (4 pcs)

5. Original student certificate (new dated)

6. Other immigration forms from the International Office

7. Tax Number obtained from the Tax Office in Turkey with the official payment receipt

Please note that in order to be able to obtain a residence permit, you need to have a passport valid for at least the next six (6) months.

During the orientation week and after, you can get help with your residence permit application form from the international office.


One of the methods below can be selected for tuition fee payments:

1. Payment via Bank


2. Payment via Online

Additionally, the tuition fee can be paid online with a credit card/debit card, with the option of paying without membership, at


Istanbul Atlas University provides accommodation for our students who are far from their families; In the dormitories, which provide a comfortable environment where they can trust and feel at home, all the needs of our students are taken into consideration. In line with the dormitory facilities, the needs of our students are met in the dormitories that we have agreements with.

These dormitories have been chosen considering the location of our University in terms of transportation convenience.

There is no legal bond and/or interest relationship between these dormitories and our University.

We are not responsible for dormitories.

NOTE: Dormitory investments are sought in the campus area in order to ensure the accommodation and safety of our students.