8 to learn about 4 languages in education in this education, to teach speaking, reading and writing.

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July 5, 2021

Monday - Tuesday -Wednesday - Friday (15 Lesson Hours per Week)

120 Hours

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English Exemption Preparation Training" is an education program designed for students who plan/qualified to study in departments providing education in a foreign language but whose language level is lower than the preparatory exemption level. In order to participate in this training, it is necessary to be at least B1 language level. For this reason, a placement test is given to the participants before the classes start and those with the appropriate level are accepted to the training.The placement test will take place on July 1, 2021.

In reading classes, participants are taught how to read an academic article using techniques such as "detailed reading, skimming, scanning" and reinforcement is made with sample reading passages. In the writing course, academic article writing techniques are shown. Participants are shown in detail how to create introductory, body and conclusion paragraphs and how to use structures seen in different writing types such as "advantage disadvantage, cause effect, argumentative, descriptive". In listening and speaking lessons, different techniques such as note-taking techniques, presentation techniques, and discussion are shown. During the training, sample exams are applied to observe the progress of the participants and make-up trainings are organized for their deficiencies.

Erkan Kolat

International students who want to study at our university as of 2021-2022, who want to be successful in the exemption exam for the preparatory class, can participate in this training.

The course program is aimed at high school graduate students who have a low level of English or who have difficulties in reaching the language proficiency level in the English proficiency or placement exams (B2), aiming to study in undergraduate departments in a foreign language, to enable them to use English effectively in their daily lives, especially in the fields of business and education. prepared for the purpose.

You can use the following methods when paying for Istanbul Atlas University Language Teaching Center trainings; A. Payment by Bank

B. From, “Name-Surname ” and “TCID Number/Passport No” information must be specified in the explanation section, online with a credit card*

In case of successful completion of the course, a 10% discount will be applied to the participants who want to start their undergraduate education in the undergraduate programs at our University for the Fall Semester of the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

At the end of this training, a "certificate of achievement" will be given.